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How do you know when you’re having a bad week? When memories of Paris Hilton nude are actually comforting compared to your current situation.

We’re guessing that’s how Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis is feeling today, after he was indicted on federal tax evasion charges for illegally deducting over $20 million in phony receipts from previous tax returns.

As first reported by, court documents say Francis transferred millions of dollars from an offshore bank account to a U.S. brokerage account. If found guilty, Francis could face 10 years in prison, $500,000 in fines and probably never have the chance to capitalize on Antonella Barba.

On Tuesday, Francis was arrested at a Florida airport on an unrelated charge. A judge cited him for contempt of court after settlement talks soured with seven women who accused him of victimizing them by filming them in sexual situations while they were underage and on spring break in Panama City.

If he does end up in jail, at least Joe can fantasize about the time he bedded Kim Kardashian.

Then again, with her sex tape on the market, most guys can probably share most of that fantasy these days.