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You’d think that seeing Tara Reid nude would prepare you for anything.

Apparently, though, prison is worse for Joe Francis.

TMZ reports that the guy that offered Antonella Barba a lot of money to sell his product has far more worries at the moment than whether or not she’ll accept. He’s cell mates with a cop killer that won’t stop harassing him.

Day and night, this murderer is reportedly taunting: Girls Gone Wild! Joe Francis! Whoo! Yes, that’s the most creative chant he can think of.

But it’s enough to cause “full-blown anxiety” attacks in Francis, sources say. Just imagine if inmates rubbed in his face how they’d also seen Kim Kardashian nude via her sex tape. It might be enough to drive Francis to suicide.

Meanwhile, Joe has just pleaded guilty to one count of criminal contempt, and is still facing more than three weeks of hard time in the Florida jail.

Other charges may still be brought, as well. Let’s just say the fashion future of Britney Spears looks brighter than anything down the line for Francis.