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One would think that with tens of millions of dollars and little else to do, Britney Spears could hire someone to buy some freaking clothes for her.

Yet when it comes to fashion, Cue Ball is a total misfit.

As the pictures below clearly show, the girl just can’t give up her cowboy hat… much like her boots, or the curtains she thinks constitute suitable outfits.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

At least the nude pictures from last winter were raw and uncensored. This is just hard on the eyes, any way you look at it. Britney, you need help, girl.

While it’s true she could afford to hire someone to buy her clothes, so she could improve her public image, but she’s too busy firing Larry Rudolph and everyone else around her that could help her make good choices.

Even Jamie Spears has called out his daughter on this one. If her clothes are a reflection of how Britney Spears feels about herself these days… well, then she must be really messed up in the brain. Clearly, rehab didn’t do the trick.

So much so that we’re starting to think Kevin Federline is a normal dude. And that’s a frightening, frightening thought.