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The amazing Britney Spears showed up at a tanning salon in Beverly Hills today looking better than ever. Okay, not entirely. Okay, not at all. Check out the pop princess’ ridiculous getup:

We’re starting to wonder if she’s lost her marbles as well as any sort of fashion sense. Who the hell goes out in public dressed like this?

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Just when we thought laughing at a Kevin Federline music video was as much fun as we were going to have all day, Britney one-ups FedEx yet again. No wonder Jayden James is never seen out in public with mom. Would you want to be?

Let’s run down Britney Spears’ “look,” shall we?

  • Ratty brown wig
  • No bra
  • Pre-school style jumper
  • Motel 6 gift shop straw hat
  • Elvis sunglasses
  • No pants
  • Bag big enough for Sean Preston
  • Hello Kitty keychain

Yeah. Maybe Suge Knight is right and Britney really is an underdog. One who shops at a thrift store.

Man, and we thought the fashion police had their hands full with Molly Sims.