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Mischa Barton can’t act.

But did you also know she’s a worse driver than Lindsay Lohan?

As if her split with Cisco Adler in early February wasn’t painful enough, the former annoyance on The OC claimed her second fender-bender yesterday, bringing her sum total to two accidents in less than three weeks.

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The 21-year old actress first demonstrated her lack of driving skills on February 18, when she had a minor collision with another vehicle while tooling around in pal Nicole Richie‘s car on LA’s Sunset Boulevard (no one was injured).

Not to be outdone, Barton did a bang-up job on March 7 while enjoying some retail therapy in LA. Unable to navigate the store’s parking lot, Barton caught her bumper on the gate and accidentally ripped it off her car. While no one was hurt, we have to assume Barton’s auto insurance company is rolling its eyes as it reevaluates her rates for the umpteenth time.

After all, can you really insure someone whose driving record makes the arrest record of Jason Wahler look perfect?