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Screw Google.

We were getting tired of superior, cutting edge technology and thought we should find a shadier, less talented and more self-promoting search engine tool.

We’re talking about Searching with Kevin. Federline. The guy and his PR peeps have come out with his own search engine. Let us reiterate this. Kevin Federline has his own branded search engine that offers you chances to win prizes (going to Kevin’s birthday party, even) …

K. Fed as a Dad

There’s even a Search with Kevin toolbar you can install, always keeping the illmatic research skillz of the estranged Mr. Britney Spears at your disposal.

Surprisingly, it appears that one can use the engine to search for things other than bling-bling, oversized jeans, rap lyrics and Jenna Jameson pics online.

You can peep it here if you feel like wasting your time. All we have to say is this is even more ridiculous than a Lauren Conrad clothing line. Which actually isn’t that absurd, given that she’s a stylish gal and an intern at a major fashion magazine.

Okay, bad example. FedEx may be showing he’s a good father to young little Jayden James Federline, but his search engine blows. End of story. THG out.