Christie Brinkley Recovering After Emergency Surgery

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T.H. Gossip has learned that supermodel and supermom Christie Brinkley has undergone an emergency operation on her back after injuring herself during a recent ski trip with her children.

"She needed surgery, and thank God she got it," the model's representative, Fran Curtis, tells People. "She sounds great. She's feeling a million times better."

"The surgery was successful, and she will be out of the hospital Friday."

There is no word on the exact nature of the injury, but Brinkley, 53, said it had worsened in the last few days after the incident took place.

The biggest inconvenience caused by the surgery: Brinkley will have to miss a performance by her daughter Alexa Ray Joel, 21, on Wednesday night at the Mercury Lounge in Lower Manhattan.

"As Christie noted right before the surgery, ‘I would break my back to help my daughter, but I didn't mean it literally,'" said her rep.

"I wish that my mom could be there for the show but the most important thing right now is for her to get well," said Alexa Ray, whose father is Brinkley's former husband, Billy Joel.

Billy Joel has since remarried to Katie Lee Joel, 25, but remains on great terms with Brinkley. Christie attended their wedding, and Alexa was in the wedding party.

We wish Brinkley a speedy recovery. We've always been fans of Christie, but she really stood out to us with the classy way she handled the scandal involving her husband, Peter Cook, and his teenage assistant. Even under the most straining circumstances, she managed to stay positive, with grace and dignity.

Janice Dickinson, however, we will continue to make fun of unabashedly.

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