Classic Celebrity Pictures, Vol. 4: Christie Brinkley

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We've shown you the likes of the troubled Britney Spears and modern comedic genius Will Ferrell in this recurring feature. This time, however, we're going with a picture that is truly vintage. While the staff at T.H. Gossip finds Christie Brinkley to be as fetching as ever nowadays, it's always fun to take a look back at the prime of her career, when her Sports Illustrated swimsuit spreads were the highlight of every subscriber's winter.

Christie Brinkley Struts
Christie Brinkley And Alexa Ray Joel Photo

Nowadays, of course, Christie, 52, is involved in a nasty scandal involving her cheating husband Peter Cook, who was discovered having relations with his teenage assistant, Diana Bianchi. Christie has persevered through it all, however, and continues to be a wonderful mother to her two young children, as well as to daughter Alexa Ray Joel, 20, the progeny of her previous marriage to singer Billy Joel. We wish her the best.

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Christie Brinkley And Family
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