Tara Reid is a Clumsy, Drunken Mess

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And in other shocking news, a Kim Kardashian sex tape may be purchased by numerous men.

But, seriously, folks. We all knew Tara Reid was bad at going down. Joe Francis let us in on that tidbit. It doesn't seem to have stopped the awful actress, though.

Tara Reid Drunk

Here she is, needing help to get back on her feet at a post-Super Bowl bash in Miami over the weekend.

Sure, it may have been Reid's fake, giant boobs that caused her to topple over - but odds are that alcohol played a vital role in this slip-up.

We're not saying it's time for an intervention or anything. Reid's antics entertain us all. But perhaps Tara Conner should give the actress a call and let her know what such behavior can lead to:

An awkward interview with Matt Lauer.

Just think about that fate, Ms. Reid.

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