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On Grey’s Anatomy last night, there was good news and bad news. First, the good news:

Denny Duquette came back! Granted, he was still dead. And his version of heaven involved a hospital gown and the company of another man. But we’ve sure missed that fella.

Now, the bad news: Meredith Grey is dead. Maybe. Doubtfully. But possibly. The character played by Ellen Pompeo was stuck under icy cold water for at least 20 minutes.

Maybe if fiance Chris Ivery did a better job of feeding the actress, this tragedy could’ve been avoided. Just sayin.

Anyway, the show will now face one of two fates:

  1. Actually kill off a main character, following the lead of The OC and Marissa Cooper/Mischa Barton.
  2. Bring Meredith back to life.

We’re betting on the second possibility. It is called Grey’s Anatomy, after all.

Then again, we wouldn’t mind Autumn Reeser taking the place of Pompeo, either.