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During a recent trip to the supermarket, Mischa Barton spotted the quilted, quicker picker upper. Knowing she had a serious mess to clean up back at her pad, the former star of The OC pounced on this pack of Bounty paper towels like Nicole Richie on a bottle of Vicodin.

The question is, what is the mess in question? What induced the pile of puke that the actress must clean up using these two-ply, top-of-the line paper products?

Mischa Barton on The Hills

We have some theories:

  1. Bulimia.
  2. Late night at Hyde.
  3. Trying to emulate Hollywood’s lunch-losing queen, Britney Spears.
  4. She was given Season 3 of The OC on DVD and realized how nauseating it actually is to watch, regardless of whether she’s on screen.
  5. Pals keep e-mailing her the infamous pic of Cisco Adler naked.