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Looks like Kevin Federline is just piling up the job offers.

Wow. We certainly never thought that line would grace the pages of The Hollywood Gossip. What’s next? Nicole Richie piling up food on her plate?

Speaking of food, it looks like K-Fed is making a run for the border – Taco Bell style. Appropriate, given that ex Britney Spears was such a big fan of their D-grade grub.

K. Fed as a Dad

An open letter to FedEx was obtained by that ass bag Perez Hilton, and, in it, Taco Bell’s CEO invites Federline to work for the fast food chain for an hour.

Federline, of course, is making headlines for the new Super Bowl commercial he made with Nationwide Insurance, in which he lampoons himself as a fry cook.

The exec says that anyone who actually shows up to watch Kev scoop beef and fold tortillas will get free food.

The letter also notes K-Fed‘s odd proclamation last year that his kids would have to work at Taco Bell, regardless of how rich they are.

Jayden James would be rolling in his grave right now if he could see this. Or were dead.