Kevin Federline to Mock Self in Super Bowl Ad

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Although you won't be seeing Britney Spears' face during the Super Bowl halftime show - yes, Brit's image has apparently been tarnished that badly - FedEx is set to star in his own commercial.

Don't worry. He'll be ridiculed. By himself.

The Big Sleazy

Nationwide Insurance has hired Kevin Federline to star in one its ads, set to run during some of the most expensive airtime on TV. Although we're not exactly sure what talent (quote-unquote) K-Fed is going to be showcasing - Kevin will definitely be making fun of himself.

The company's motto, "Life comes at you fast," offers seemingly endless satirical plots as possibilities. Past participants in the ad campaign include fallen pop culture icons such as Fabio and MC Hammer.

With the Britney-Kevin divorce and ensuing custody battle still in the making, it's good to see Federline being self-depricating - as well as being proactive and milking his 15 minutes for all they're worth.

Hey, someone's got to pay for that one-bedroom apartment in the valley. Better to spend his time working than texting that crazy Firecrotch.

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