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Just kidding.

Josh Holloway, the portrayer of Sawyer on Lost, has actually been married to his lovely wife, Yessica, since 2004. But he sometimes wishes Hollywood gossip rags would get that wrong.

Asked in the March issue of Elle with whom he’d want to be erroneously linked in a gossip column, he answers, “Jessica Alba.”

Of course, Cash Warren may have something to say about that.

Alba, however, isn’t the only starlet on Holloway’s sometimes dirty mind; he admits that he’s fantasized about older women, including Barbra Streisand, 64.

“And I saw Sophia Loren [now 72] at a restaurant a couple years ago and thought, Wow, I’d still go there.”

Wow indeed. We’d still “go there” on Tara Conner; yes, despite her battle with drugs and alcohol.

Finally, when asked which man on Lost he’d sleep with if his life depended on it, Holloway does not choose Matthew Fox:

“Jorge [Garcia, who plays Hurley], because I know at least he’d cuddle me good afterward.”