James Blunt: Let's Party!

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When it comes to his image, James Blunt wants to be, well, blunt.

"Everyone thinks I'm this quiet singer-songwriter who stays at home every night. I've never been that person," the Grammy-nominated singertells Life magazine in its upcoming issue.

In truth, he says, "I'm a big partier."

Evidently, dating Petra Nemcova is not enough for Blunt to stave off criticism that he's as lame as his music.

"I drink a lot. I do," he says. "And I go to a quiet place and start writing. I'm not an observer, [songs come from] something I've experienced or felt. The last two years will have a place on the next record."

You know, James, Tara Conner drinks a lot to. And we've all seen where it's gotten her.

From the sound of it, however, Blunt wants to go to a new place with his lovely lady friend.
"I have friends who are married with children, who say, 'Gosh, haven't you done well,' " he tells Life. "And I'm thinking, No, it's you who has done well ... Who knows? Maybe I'll try my luck."

And whatever he does, it should be comforting to know that Kanye West has his back.

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