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No, not in the same way Katie Rees feels.

But Adrianne Curry, who was the Season One winner of America’s Next Top Model, has laid into the show and Revlon, claiming that she “has yet to see a dime from Revlon” for her work.

“We were told the winner would be an instant millionaire, that our faces would be plastered everywhere in Revlon ads. None of which turned out to be true … I still haven’t got paid for the work I did for them!” whined Curry.

Curry is super mad at the supermodel show, blasting them on her MySpace page, saying “… they had no money … no clue what they were doing … all they had was mind f***ing us for good tv [sic].”

Adrianne also claims that the girls hardly slept during filming, were kept hungry for long periods and were crammed into small quarters to guarantee more drama than a meeting between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.

Adrianne, who married Brady Bunch hunk Christopher Knight last May, added that “Top Model felt like I was on a fierce ‘Survivor!’

And without the sexy intelligence and charm of Jeff Probst. Does it get any worse?