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Evidently, winning Survivor doesn’t equip you for every life situation. Just ask Richard Hatch.

The first ever winner of everyone’s favorite reality show was convicted by a federal jury in January of failing to pay taxes on the prize and other income. He was sentenced in May to 51 months in prison by a judge who said the reality TV star had repeatedly lied on the witness stand.

After arriving at the minimum-security facility in Morgantown on July 25, Hatch has – shockingly – taken a lot of time getting used to his surroundings. For starters, he has to wear clothes.

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“I’m doing lots of intake stuff, like clothing and getting to know the place … but I don’t think I will adjust to any of this until I can prove I was unethically prosecuted,” he said.

Hatch said he’ll be tutoring inmates, helping them to earn their GEDs and hone their job-hunting skills.

“Sure, people know my name … there are 1,300-plus inmates who think they know me, so it’s an interesting experience,” he said. “They all have questions want to know what this experience is like and what Survivor was about.”

The sole survivor also said he’s working on a book detailing his experiences. Maybe Janice Dickson, another reality tv stalwart, is doing the same thing. That would be one hideous looking tome!