Tori Spelling Likes Being Pregnant, Making Awful Reality Shows

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Tori Spelling is really pregnant.

But is that gonna stop her and husband Dean McDermott from going forward with for their new Oxygen series Tori & Dean: Inn Love.

Tori Spelling and Family

"Every night when I walk by my mirror I just stare at my belly and I'm so impressed by it," the former Beverly Hills 90210 and So noTORIous star told TV critics at their annual conference in Pasadena, Calif., on Wednesday. "You always wonder what you'll look like when you're pregnant and it looks good. I like being pregnant."

Meanwhile, McDermott gushed that his wife is apparently the anti-Victoria Beckham: "She looks so sexy naked."

McDermott added that the middle name of their expected son will be "Aaron," after Tori's later father. The Hollywood Gossip doesn't understand: Not Heaven Rain??

When it comes to their other baby, their TV show together, the couple is turning its backson the poor real-life track record of such reality-show couples as Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey and Carmen Electra/Dave Navarro.

They believe they are special enough to make it through.

"We are still newlyweds â€" with a baby on the way. It's Newlyweds, Part Two," says Spelling of the series that premieres in March.

But what about reports that Spelling left his daughter a measley $800,000 inheritance.

"That magic number that's been put out there isn't exactly what that number is, because when it's all said and done you're not even close to left with that."

She's right. After taxes, it may be as little as $400,000. Such chump change gives one little choice but to go through with a yard sale.


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She was a star and a true lady, and she will be missed greatly. People everywhere knew her by name. I loved when fans wanted her over me. I felt proud!

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I've always wanted a little girl since I'm such a girly girly. I immediately started crying. I couldn't believe it. I have my beautiful little boy and now I'll have my little girl! It's amazing.

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