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Fruit print, fringes, see-through lace… ever the risk-taker, former OC star Mischa Barton continues to push the envelope, fashion-wise, during a shopping outing in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, where People magazine got this shot of her:

You know what else she pushes? Food. As in, away from her. Look at that body. It’s no coincidence that her character on The OC was never seen consuming food. Or that Mischa is friends with Nicole Richie in real life.

Mischa Barton on The Hills

Needless to say, give us Rachel Bilson over Barton any day.

Sadly, boyfriend Cisco Adler was not seen with Barton on this excursion. Wonder where he was. If he didn’t look like a total deadbeat who crawled out from behind a dumpster (not unlike, say, Isaac Cohen), we’d assume he were at work.