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Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab is record time. Someone, get that girl a drink to celebrate!

Proving to Tara Conner that only weaklings need a whole 30 days to sober up, Lohan supposedly kicked her drinking problem in less than a week; a source close to the situation says Lohan’s latest movie, I Know Who Killed Me, began shooting again on Thursday.

“People were getting a bit antsy about what the status was, so it’s pretty thrilling,” says the source. “As soon as Lindsay was cleared, they started everything back up again.”

Lindsay and Bader Image

We can only imagine how proud Dina Lohan is of her daughter now.

The source added that Lohan was likely to resume a full workload, which a rep for the movie described earlier as 13 to 14 hours a day. She may need a Red Bull and vodka of half a dozen just tp keep up.

In the end, of course, we’re glad Lindsay is out. We hope Ali Lohan takes note of how simple it can be to do a lot of drugs and men and then enter rehab for a week to get better.

We also wonder if Britney Spears will follow K-Fed’s advice and check herself in next. Apparently, it only takes a few days to be cured, Brit.