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We talk a lot about the crotch of Paris Hilton.

Actually, the focus is often on Paris Hilton’s pussy.

Either way, Paris’ private parts are often on display. In fact, you can find out just how they’re groomed by clicking here. But the hotel heiress and useless human being made real news a few months ago when she helped coin a certain phrase for another girl’s romantic region:

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Indeed, Hilton labeled Lindsay Lohan as “Firecrotch.”

It’s not difficult to understand why, as every other male on the planet can probably attest to. But we don’t need Stavros Niarchos to inform us that Paris has being a major hypocrite this entire time.

Just check out this photo. Zero in on Hilton’s crotch. This spoiled waif has been fanning her own female flames for some time now!

So beware of that offer, Justin Timberlake. Looks like Paris is burning.