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Ben Amigoni must never have heard the song, “Gold Digger,” by Kanye West.

How else to explain the fact that Amigoni had dumped his girlfriend for Heather Mills?

Ben is actually the fitness coach for Mills – but the two have been practicing yoga in the bedroom for some time now … if you know what we mean. Now, the father of Joanne Bradford – who Amigoni broke up with – is speaking out.

“My daughter’s broken-hearted. It was when Paul and Heather split the problems started,” Bernard Bradford said.

“Let’s face it, would you want your partner working one-to-one as a trainer like that when the customer’s marriage has broken up? Straight away you’ll be jealous.

“Ben’s a young, good-looking bloke, and we ARE talking about Heather Mills here. I’ll say no more than that.”

Snap! Zing! Swish!

After three years together Ben, 22, and 23-year-old Joanne broke up four weeks ago following a string of heated arguments about his growing commitment to Mills.

Meanwhile, she’s still battling for millions in a divorce case from everyone’s favorite Beatle, of course. Fortunately, this Paul McCartney picture proves that Sir Paul is keeping the right, informative kind of company.