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Jayden James Federline, you keep falling farther and farther behind in the celebrity baby picture race.

Us Weekly has published the first pictures of Ruby Sweetheart, the adorable daughter of Tobey Maguire and fiancee, Jennifer Meyer.

“This is truly the best time of my life,” Meyer, 29, recently told USA Today. “I’m walking on air. I’m getting married, and starting a family.”

Here are other quotes about the new family:

Why the name Ruby Sweetheart?
“Jen’s grandmother, who passed away recently, would always call her ‘Sweetheart,'” Maguire explained to Jay Leno. “We named her that to honor her grandmother.” As for Ruby? “We just like the name.”

What’s Tobey like as a dad?
“He’s having the best time with Jen, taking care of the baby,” says a friend. And Sam Raimi, director of Spider-Man 3 (out May 4), tells Us, “I know Tobey to be a perfectionist, and very in touch with his emotions. He’ll be the most sensitive, loving father.”

What do their friends say?
“They’re the coolest parents,” a Maguire pal tells Us. “They’re the first of all their friends to have a baby, and the friends are eating it up.”

Will they marry soon?
Engaged since April, the pair actually “wanted to get married before the baby was born,” says a family friend. “But they couldn’t get it together in time.”

As for as hanging out with Mattias, the newborn son to Will Ferrell, Maguire had no comment. That may be because he wasn’t asked about it.