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Kevin Federline will get through his divorce with Britney Spears and come out of it stronger.

How do we know this? Because Shar Jackson says so.

K-Fed’s ex-girlfriend, who he knocked up (twice) before bolting for Brit, says the man who calls himself “America’s Most Hated” isn’t as bad as he’s cracked up to me.

“He’s a trooper,” says Jackson, who has been supportive of K-Fed ever since the news of his separation from Britney hit. “He knows that everything in life is, ya know, an experience and you learn from it and then you get past it. I’m not worried about him.”

Jackson tells People that despite the image of a bad boy you love to hate (and we do), Federline is a big softie when it comes to his children.

With Jackson, Federline is the father of daughter Kori, 4, and son Kaleb, 2. With Britney, he sired Sean Preston, 16 months, and Jayden James, four months. Yeah. The dude’s boys f*%king swim.

“He’s an amazing dad,” Jackson said Thursday. “He’s a great dad and if you said his name right now, Kori would go crazy. That’s the love of her life.”

Asked how much money she is being paid to say these things about K-Fed, Jackson had no comment. Asked about their daughter Kori’s special bond with her father, she answered:

“He was there for her every minute of her life until, you know, we weren’t together anymore. He did everything for her so I guess that’s why.”

So basically, he was there for her until he straight up abandoned his family because he could get Britney Spears instead. Just making sure we have that right.

As for Jackson’s current relationship with FedEx, she says despite what one might think, it’s not hard for them to be both good parents and friends.

“We were friends before we were romantic and we were friends through being romantic and there was no reason to change that,” she said.

She says both of them keep their children as their top priority.

“Everything he does, with his career, and everything like that, he does it for his kids. When he’s doing that, I’m super mom. Hopefully we’ll get to alternate but we always know the kids are first,” Shar said, using the word “career” very loosely.

As for her own career, Jackson is finishing work on an album, which could hit the stores by the summer. Hopefully, it sells better than K-Fed’s abominable Playing With Fire. A lot better.

Shar also has a cameo role in Lindsay Lohan‘s upcoming movie, I Know Who Killed Me. Speaking of the crotch / liver of fire, we hope she’s feeling alright.