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Drew Barrymore has said in the past she wants to be scared.

Perhaps the single life will frighten her.

The actress and her boyfriend of five years, Fabrizio Moretti, have broken up. A source close to Barrymore said Drew “needed time off” from a relationship she recently gushed about to Harper’s Bazaar.

Drew Barrymore Cozies Up to Cameron Diaz
(AFP via Getty Images)

Maybe now she can pursue David Letterman or Sacha Baron Cohen, as also mentioned in that article.

The pair — who hooked up in April 2002 — seemed like a good match on the surface, friends say.

“Drew has always had a taste for subculture,” Barrymore pal and crazed rocker Courtney Love said.

But they had suffered some rocky times together, as well.

“He’s younger, and she’s more worldly,” said a source. “He doesn’t like the Hollywood stuff. He doesn’t get her friends.”

But the friend added they might get back together eventually. Perhaps new, hot couple Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter can show them how it’s done.