Drew Barrymore Wants to be Scared

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Evidently, being a drug addict before she hit puberty wasn't frightening enough for this actress.

In the October issue of Elle magazing, Drew Barrymore says she wants a unique challenge.

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"I want to be terrified. I really want to do what I think I'm going to f--king fail at miserably."

We admire that attitude. Others should take it and try something new, such as Brooke Hogan with being talented.

In Barrymore's new movie, Lucky You, Drew gets to do what she has feared for most of her adult life: sing. The phobia stems from being the only cast member in Woody Allen's 1996 musical Everybody Says I Love You to be dubbed. It was an incident which Drew describes as "really unfortunate in my life."

We feel the same way every time Ashlee Simpson opens her mouth, Drew.

For her latest role, the 31-year-old worked with a vocal coach for five months to play a Vegas lounge singer opposite Eric Bana. It probably helped to be dating a musician throughout the process, Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes.

In the article, Barrymore also opens up about recently losing 20 pounds, which she says has made her "more confident and adventurous" with her outfit choices. This is what's commonly referred to as "pulling a Nicole Richie."

Nevertheless, despite her sometimes questionable fashion risks, Barrymore says: "I don' t regret those moments because they're kind of what define you."

Or, if you're Heidi Klum, you're just defined by being absolutely beautiful.


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