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Hey, Shanna Moakler threw a divorce party recently.

So doesn’t it make even more sense to gather friends and family together in celebration of the fact that her and Travis Barker didn’t kill each other over dinner last night?

The cantankerous former couple met at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. We don’t know exactly what was discussed – aside from whether or not Paris Hilton actually has herpes – but you can see them here smiling after the meal.

Kourtney and Travis at a Wedding

Actually, only Shanna is smiling. Travis is pulling out a dollar bill. Looks like he will be seeing Paris later that night.

Anyway. Enough with the Paris Hilton-is-a-raging-dirty-prostitute jokes. The point is that the staff of The Hollywood Gossip is glad to see these kids making up. Maybe there’s still hope for Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie.

Or Michael Richards and black people.