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Lindsay Lohan starred in Mean Girls, and knows full well how Paris Hilton can be one in real life. But the Crotch of Fire isn’t the object of Paris’ most recent wrath.

That (dis)honor belongs to Kim Kardashian (pictured below) Paris’ former erstwhile “best friend forever,” who apparently isn’t good enough for Hilton’s company now that the pants-shunning, paparazzi-pleasing Britney Spears is in the picture.

Carter Reum, Wife
Photo via Getty Images

“[Kardashian] got shined for the more popular girl,” says a mutual friend.

Not one to stay home and cry, Kardashian hit the MTV 24/7 party at Area the other night with fellow D-lister Brittny Gastineau. Britney and Paris hit Hollywood that same night with an entourage that included dirtball Brandon Davis, a.k.a. “Greasy Bear.”

Kim is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, the late attorney and confidant of O.J. Simpson. Wow. O.J. and Paris Hilton. The girl keeps really good company! Maybe this recent snub will serve a wake-up call to change her name and meet some new friends.