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As he promotes his ’70s football drama, We Are Marshall, Matthew McConaughey isn’t merely wearing a shirt. He’s decked out in garish green and brown suit.

“The plaid suit helped me find the character. I loved it. Still wearing them,” the actor said.

But did he love such attire as much as he loves a certain bike-riding pal? Come clean, Matthew, what is the deal between you and Lance Armstrong?

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“Lance has been a great friend. He’s one of the great new relationships I’ve found in the last couple years.

“He’s a great man. You look for people or ideas who are inspiring and he definitely is. His second chapter, now that he’s not riding the tour, is to be the face and leader of cancer research. And he’s attacking that just like he did the tour.”

Okay, we believe you. Sounds like a normal, Oprah/Gayle-type of friendship to us.
Moving on. Let’s talk about that sexy physique (seen here in a beautiful Matthew McConaughey picture). Just how much iron do you pump?

“I haven’t been in a gym in years, but I’m in shape. I either run, dance, ride the bike or swim every day. Physically, spiritually and mentally, I try to keep in shape. I feel better and have better energy. I try to eat right.”

It sure is working. Even through the actor is no longer dating Penelope Cruz, we’re guessing she misses those pecs and abs. The two do remain friends.

“I just saw (her new movie) Volver, in fact,” McConaughey told People magazine. “She’s going to get an Oscar nomination — or she should. She’s incredibly excited about that film.”

Finally, how did Matthew lose the 16 pounds he put on for We Are Marshall? The new movie he’s filming with Kate Hudson, Fool’s Gold, forced him to get back into the shape we all know and love.

Presumably, without a shirt on.