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They’ve been spending lots of time with each other.

They sleep over at each others’ mansions.

They go to clubs with no pants.

Carter Reum, Wife
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Which leads T.H. Gossip to ask the obvious question: Are Britney Spears and Paris Hilton just friends, or is there some girl on girl action going on?

Eh, they’re just friends. Any speculation to the contrary is “silly,” says Paris’ rep, Elliott Mintz (who is probably also hitting that piece).

But you can’t deny the fact that these two skanks love the attention they get from their thigh-stroking, crotch shot escapades. The buzz started when Paris Hilton was seen rubbing Brit’s legs and shoulders last month, and then Paris kissed another woman, raising eyebrows and fueling speculation among our staff about a possible 1 Night in Paris lesbian sequel.

Meanwhile, if Paris thinks she’s got the Greek God of Poontang, Stavros Niarchos, wrapped around her finger, she might want to think again.

Friends say that, despite her wearing a big (fake) diamond solitaire on her left ring finger, the partying pair is not engaged to be married.

Moreover, Stavros‘ very rich parents “have no intention of even meeting” Paris. The Niarchos clan apparently thinks she’s “tacky,” a feeling that has also been expressed by Dreamworks Pictures honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg, whose son, David Katzenberg, is currently dating Paris’ sister, Nicky Hilton. We might have chosen stronger words than tacky – but have to agree with the Niarchos fam on this one.