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Pete Doherty, the bad-boy rocker and rumoured fiancée / dry-humping partner of supermodel Kate Moss, has officially tied the knot… with trendy British clothing label Gio-Goi.

The agreement, announced on Saturday, means Doherty will be designing a wide range of the retailer’s clothes. Which is great, because everyone wants to look just like Pete Doherty. Right? Obviously.

The 27-year-old Babyshambles frontman, who is struggling to overcome his drug addiction and who has been in trouble with the law, will wear the brand’s designs at a gig in a secret London location before Christmas.

Gio-Goi, which dresses members of the music industry such as The Streets, Arctic Monkeys or the Paddingtons, in a statement called Doherty the inspiration behind its rock ‘n roll spring/summer 2007 collection.

The announcement also comes right after Kate Moss landed herself a deal to design a collection for high street fashion chain Topshop. So both halves of PeteMoss are apparently in the design biz now. Super.

“Peter looks fantastic as a model. We are very excited… we look forward to having Pete’s influence as a rock icon in the design process,” Gio-Goi co-founder Anthony Donnelly, who may have been smoking crack with Lindsay Lohan at the time he made the absurd decision to sign Doherty, told Reuters.

This really is great news. You know who else should become a fashion designer? Travis Barker. That guy has such a great sense of style.