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This could get ugly – and not just because Jack Osbourne is involved.

But the son of Ozzie and Sharon should have expected retribution when he dared to go criticize Aaron Carter for “pretending to be black” in the reality show, House of Carters.

Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin

Now, Aaron has shot back. In response to Osbourne saying he could”kick the s**t out of” him, Carter said:

“He’s welcome to try to kick the s**t out of me any time he likes. I normally love Brits, but this guy’s brain-dead. He comes across as the biggest brat of them all on his show.”

But Aaron does love British people, Pete Doherty, so you can relax now. And maybe peddle some clothing his way.

Meanwhile, Nick Carter weighed in on his brother’s feud:

“What Jack Osbourne knows about talent would barely fit on a postage stamp.”

As an aside, he added that what he knows about Ashlee Simpson would barely fit on the wall of any men’s room. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying to write it.