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Ah, yes. Another day, another Kate Bosworth picture in which the starlet looks like she might go down for the count if a rogue autumn breeze should happen to blow through Los Angeles. Speaking of things that blow, have you seen Heather Mills lately? What a freak!

Anyway, back to Ms. Bosworth. She’s thin. She’s definitely got some sort of eating disorder, not unlike another Kate. Hudson. One can only imagine what the hand gesture Bosworth is making in the picture above means. Some theories:

Kate Bosworth at the Gala
Photo via Getty Images
  1. “I ate this many grains of rice this morning.”
  2. “I’ve lost this many pounds for 14 consecutive weeks.”
  3. Lindsay Lohan slept with this many dudes last night — what a slut!”
  4. She’s waving to photographers.

We may never know for sure. But what’s undeniable is that Kate Bosworth is rail thin… and needs to get some serious help. And by help we mean Burger King.