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Sorry, Anna Nicole Smith, possibly being thrown out of the Bahamas isn’t the only ordeal you have to go through now.

The former Playboy model and current disgusting, gold digging hag is being sued for a second time by photographer Larry Birkhead, who is now accusing her of fraud and conspiracy, his lawyer says.

At a press conference Thursday outside the Los Angeles courthouse where Birkhead filed a paternity suit on Oct. 2, his lawyer, Debra Opri, shared copies of legal papers filed on Birkhead’s behalf earlier that day in a Bahamas court.

The papers allege that Smith and her lawyer and fiancé, Howard K. Stern, conspired to misrepresent Stern as the father of Smith’s six-week-old daughter, Dannielynn Hope, and committed libel and slander by denying Birkhead is the father.

The suit requests that the Bahamas’ registrar general change the baby’s last name on legal documents from Stern to Birkhead.

“It will be up to this government entity to pursue any criminal investigations against Anna Nicole Smith and/or Howard K. Stern,” Opri said.

Opri added that she is afraid Smith will flee the Bahamas to avoid the charge.

“My main concern is this child,” she said. “While I do not anticipate that Anna Nicole Smith will be going to Disneyland here in California anytime soon, I do have every concern that she might go to another jurisdiction with my client’s child, and we will then be forced to pursue her.”

So the chase may be on! Sounds almost as exciting as Nicole Richie versus the food police.