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“I was Coco and it was fifty bucks – I did anything.”
Hugh Jackman, on his stint as a professional clown

“Before he was born, we swore we wouldn’t be those parents with plastic gear everywhere … and now we have plastic gear everywhere.”
— Rachel Weisz, on parenting

“I don’t know what Snoop Dogg was smoking, but I don’t think it was catnip.”
– Elizabeth Perkins, on Snoop’s visit to the set of Weeds

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“Every morning I would come down to the kitchen and I would see myself making coffee and I would think, ‘Oh she’s pretty.'”
Ellen DeGeneres, on what she would do if she had an identical twin

“Hot sex.”
– Annette Bening, on what it is that makes her marriage to Warren Beatty work

“My grandmother saw Faith on TV and said, “I found the perfect girl for you,” and Faith’s grandmother called and said the same thing to her.”
– Tim McGraw on who set up he and wife Faith Hill

“I never enjoy [Halloween]. I loved it when I was like 8, 9, 10, and then after that I was like, ‘I feel embarrassed.'”
Sarah Jessica Parker on dressing up for Halloween

“I got booty. Booty’s what I got.”
– Sandra Bullock when asked about her clothing

“A few years down the road I am going to be a correspondent for Extra.”
Ben Affleck joking when asked of his future plans

“I wasn’t a rebellious teenager … I was so afraid of getting into trouble that it didn’t interest me.”
Ashley Olsen

“I’ve never wanted to get married and I’ve been with great men. My need for newness … is greater than my need for any idea of security.”
– Maria Bello

“Yeah, I get asked to a lot … I don’t go, that would be so inappropriate … it’s very strange … it makes me uncomfortable.”
Jennifer Love Hewitt, on being asked to attend funerals because of her show Ghost Whisperer

“They call me Dr. Hooker. Isn’t that nice?”
Kate Walsh, on her sexy image on Grey’s Anatomy