Kate Bosworth Visits Paris, Wears Ugly Curtains

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The lovely, malnourished Kate Bosworth (below) made her arrival in Paris to support designer friend Tommy Hilfiger as he marked the opening of his flagship store Wednesday night. The celeb-studded bash that included a performance by Lenny Kravitz.

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth Photo

What T.H. Gossip doesn't get is when it became fashionable to wear curtains as everyday attire. We realize Kate has become so gaunt as to require very little clothing, but this is ridiculous. Draping one's self in, well, drapes does not make one look good. Food tends to, howeve. Mmm.... burger.

Whatever. We suggest you just take a look at this classic Kate Bosworth picture and forget the past three years of anorexia and low blood sugar ever happened.


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Kate Bosworth is cute, yet extremely thin. Seriously, this frail, bony actress has got to eat something. And we're not talking a hot beef... More »
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