Christina Aguilera Loves Her Husband. And Jessica Simpson.

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The cover of Blender is about to get mighty dirrrty. In the best possible way.

Indeed, of one The Gossip's favorites, Christina Aguilera, gave the magazine an interview recently. Here are some excerpts from it:

Madrid Premiere Pic

On getting props from Guns N' Roses:
"Axl Rose was backstage in the greenroom at the VMAs … and I heard that he made everyone in the room quiet down so he could hear my performance. When I met him backstage, he shook my hand and said, ‘You are one of the greatest vocalists of our time.'"

On taking charge of her own career
"It's really true: With freedom comes a ton of responsibility. I'm the only one in charge of the ship now. And if it sinks, it's my fault."

On the inspiration behind her new look
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"I watched tons of old movies. Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn, some Fellini. It was a real risk for me to go to this more glamorous place. But I wanted a different take on sexuality: more coy, more playful, more light, more tongue in cheek.

If a makeup artist would have handed me a red lipstick a few years ago…how do I put this? I would have wiped it off right then and there â€" that's the polite way of putting it."

On her marriage to Jordan Bratman:
"It used to be, the only good relationships I ever had were with gay men. That was before I met Jordy."

On having Jewish in-laws:
"I've been learning lots of Jewish words … Schlep. Like, I have so much stuff I have to schlep with me. And oy. And, of course, shiksa."

On her new more mature image:
"When you get married, you tune out a lot of the old bull$hit that used to bother you."

On Jessica Simpson slipping a note beneath her hotel suite door when they stayed in the same hotel during the MTV VMAs:
"She said the sweetest things about my work. Women are so supercatty sometimes … But Jessica is supersweet and noncompetitive. I sent her a big bouquet of flowers."

Once again, we heart X-tina. Instead of remaining catty with her competition, such as Jessica and Britney, she gives them props ... and presents for babies such as Sutton Pierce Federline.

She's good people.


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