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Go on a date with a breathtaking beauty for a good cause?!? Where do we sign up?

Beginning next week, men (and women, we suppose) will have a chance to bid on a date with Jessica Biel. Proceeds are being raised to help a teenager who lost her leg in a prom night limousine accident.

The event will be dubbed “Mollypalooza.” It’s in honor of Molly Bloom, who was run over and dragged about 38 feet by a Hummer stretch limousine a few weeks ago. She’s currently undergoing rehabilitation at Denver Children’s Hospital.

Jessica Biel, Husband

Biel, named Esquire’s “The Sexiest Woman Alive” earlier this year, posted an audio message urging listeners to support the cause and said: “I intend to submit a very special auction item as my contribution to the evening.”

A 7th Heaven lamp shade? The burnt script from Stealth?
“Come on, it’s Jessica Biel. What guy wouldn’t want to win a date with her?” said Dmitri Lee Natali, a friend and former classmate of Bloom, 18, who lost the leg on May 13. “My mom happened to be able to contact (Biel’s) parents, and they had heard about Molly’s tragedy. They said ‘yeah, I bet she’ll do that.'”

Jessica is from a Boulder. She’s location filming the movie “Next” and won’t be at the fundraiser Tuesday. But she’ll be present on the date that some lucky guy is fortunate enough to meet her out on.