New Tori Spelling Reality Snooze-fest is Finalized

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She's pregnant and definitely a lot less rich than her mom.

But Tori Spelling isn't letting either keep her down. She's lined up a new stint on reality TV that has been given the green light. Brace yourselves: She will star in a new series with her leering, porn-loving husband, Dean McDermott, as they choose a bed-and-breakfast in Southern California to buy and refurbish.

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Oops, sorry. We got so bored merely writing about the show's concept that we fell asleep at the keyboard. Yeah, this is bound to be a smash hit -- right about the time Lindsay Lohan decides to sober up and stop doing everything in sight.

The still-untitled show will air on the Oxygen network, with six half-hour episodes debuting next spring.

According to producer Randy Burbato, the couple "may be actors, but they're also very entrepreneurial. They wanted to create a real business."

Guess this is what happens when you get shafted out of half a billion dollars by your psychotic, evil mother. In any case, the cameras will also follow the couple as they prepare for their roles as expectant parents. Yippee.

The final episode of the show is expected to coincide with the baby's birth in March. Spelling starred in the scripted series Notorious, based on her own life, for VH1 last year. Did anyone even know that?

Come on. Is this really the best that TV has to offer these days? What is up with this snooze-fest? Who the hell is going to watch it? Where's the reality show that follows Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad in their school/dating escapes? Oh, wait...

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