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Kevin Federline‘s latest son was born just three weeks ago, but already, the aspiring rapper is back to his old bad-boy ways.

By that, we mean leaving his wife, Sean Preston, and Sutton Pierce at home in Malibu to party up a storm in his home away from home, Las Vegas.

Just six months ago, a miffed Britney Spears put a semi-permanent leash on K-Fed and the dirtbag’s unquenchable love for weekends with the guys, curtailing his allowance and making him ask for permission for out-of-town trips.

K. Fed as a Dad

But with the birth of her second child, Sutton Pierce Federline, it seems that Spears’ attention is distracted.

Federline and a crew of his boys took a private jet to the Venetian hotel-casino Friday night for the weekend-long celebration of the one-year anniversary of the club Tao.

“He booked a table at Tao for both nights. He was surrounded by women, was drinking a lot and dancing on the banquette. Every time one of the girls tried to take a picture, he freaked out and wouldn’t let them,” a source dished.

Federline wasn’t the only one having a good time in Vegas. Other celebrity antics at the Tao weekend party included:

  • Jeremy Piven, who was “hammered and all over the ladies.”
  • Bobby Brown, who may have been trying to win some money in order to pay back child support, that dick.
  • Jackass star Steve-O, who got kicked out of both the club and the casino Saturday night after an incident where he almost molested some girl in a hot tub. Interestingly, last week we learned that a fellow Jackass, Bam Margera, molested Jessica Simpson… consensually.