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Is Kevin Federline a good luck charm?

We would assume anything but, but evidently, Janet Jackson and boyfriend Jermaine Dupri believe he is. Mr. Britney Spears rolled up to the couple during his jaunt to Vegas this week and did something he’s not known for — he made money!

It all went down after the one-year anniversary party for TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. Federline ventured down to play some craps at 3:30 in the a.m., but there was a problem — the high roller table he approached was packed and marked as ‘reserved’ for Janet and Jermaine.

K. Fed as a Dad

Unfortunately, it seemed all K-Fed could do was watch. Luckily, Federline is tight with a member of Jermaine’s entourage, who invited the aspiring, inspirational rapper to join the group.

As soon as Sutton Pierce‘s daddy bought in for $1,000, Janet picked up the dice. Dupri then announced to everyone that his woman had never played craps before and this would be her first roll.

We are not sure if Janet rolled a 7 or 11, but a short time later, the table erupted with cheers and everyone won money.

The fun reportedly lasted roughly 15 minutes, because the famous couple had to return to their private blackjack table. K-Fed proceeded to play all by his lonesome… but according to recent reports, he’s got an ace in the hole — an eight-figure one.

The New York Post reports that Federline’s walk-away package, in the event that he and Britney Spears ever split up, is $10 million — far more than has ever been reported.

“Britney was leaving Kevin but then got pregnant again,” according to a family friend.

He would have gotten his $10 million, but has apparently stuck around at least to reap the professional fringe benefits of his rather more famous wife, like cameo appearances on a TV show and a rap album. Go, K-Fed.