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Sort of.

See, the Alabama country places an emphasis on the first syllable, a sort of schwa-sounding “e” and a “t” that’s pronounced aloud.

But there’s no sense in trying to tell that to Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert Holds Emmy

The egocentric Comedy Central talk show host is convinced the area was named after him, despite the different pronunciations. Consequently, he plans to open “The Stephen Colbert Museum and Gift Shop” in Tuscumbia.

But not really. Kind of like how Anna Nicole Smith is married.

Either way, it’s gonna to be part of an October storyline on the The Colbert Report. Representatives of the show will tape for a couple of days early next week in the county, producer Jeff Cooperman said.

Ultimately, the joke will be that Colbert (Stephen, that is) isn’t as popular as he thought because the museum closes for lack of interest the next day.

“The premise is Stephen Colbert wants to open his museum, and what better place than a county that is named for him,” Cooperman said. “This town seems like the perfect place to send his building manager — a guy named Tad (played by one of the show’s staff, Paul Dinello) — to open the museum.”

He adds, tongue-in-cheek, “One thing Stephen is going to try to figure out is why you guys pronounce Stephen’s last name wrong.”

Don’t feel bad, town. We can never properly spell the name “Matthew McConaughey” on the first try.