Call Stephen Colbert Hotline and Repent!

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Sadly, Stephen Colbert hasn't put anyone "on notice" in awhile, but maybe that's due to the barrage of phone calls he's been receiving.

On Tuesday night's edition of The Colbert Report, the host continued a recurring gag involving a "Repentance Hotline" that he had allegedly set up for Jewish people to call him on.

Rallying for America

The act was in accordance with the Jewish New Year tradition of repentance during Rosh Hashanah, an event Mel Gibson must have been lined up for.

The number Colbert urged viewers to call was 1-888-OOPS-JEW.

As a faux conservative anchor, Jon Stewart's good friend wasn't lying. You actually can dial these digits and hear the following message:

Shalom, and welcome to Stephen Colbert's atonement hotline. At the tone, please be a mench, and unburden your soul by stating how you've wronged me, Stephen Colbert ...

Inspired, The Gossip has set up a few of our own hotlines to helpour favorite celebrities. There's 1-800-I-Need-Food, in honor of Kate Bosworth.

And 1-888-Dirty-Sanchez for those in need of tips from Dustin Diamond.

Finally, don't forget about 1-800-Baby-Daddy if you think you're the father of Anna Nicole Smith's newborn.


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