Beautiful Celebs Kick Tobey Maguire Out of Fiancee's Baby Shower

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Not even Spider-Man can compete with some of the world's most beautiful celebrities.

Indeed, Tobey Maguire tried to make his presence felt for his fiancee's baby shower, but was rebuffed. This day was all about the woman carrying his baby, Jennifer Meyer.

Deep Pockets

On Sunday afternoon, the women poured in to Meyer and Maguire's home in Malibu. Jennifer Aniston carpooled with Courteney Cox Arquette to get there.

They joined such other guests as Jennifer Garner, Demi Moore, a pregnant Bryce Dallas Howard, Kate Hudson and around 50 others.

The actresses sat around the Meyer family pool, passing the time swilling lemonade and eating such organic hors d'oeuvres as sesame shrimp and chicken skewers before the buffet lunch and lavish dessert table.

Sounds like Owen Wilson somehow influenced the menu.

"It was a very mellow afternoon," said one guest. "It was a totally easy breezy, chill shower. No shower games. No present opening. Just hanging out."

When Maguire poked his head into the party around 30 minutes before it wrapped up, however, he was showered with a few kisses and then given the boot.

Poor Spidey. He had to ogle over such gorgeous guests from afar. Sort of like The Gossip with Kristen Cavallari pictures.

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