Next on List of the Sports Gal: Defending Wife of The Rock

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Forget The Sports Guy, sports fans. ESPN's top online columnist may know a thing or two about football or basketball, but his wife owns the entertainment world.

Here's what the Sports Gal had to say recently:

Us Weekly has a feature called "Who Wore it Best?" where 100 people in NYC choose between side-by-side photos of two celebs wearing the same outfits, then the results run in the magazine. I hate this feature because the judges have no credentials and could be homeless or Russian for all we know.

I think Us Weekly is already responsible for enough eating disorders. Now female celebs have to feel bad because they didn't wear an outfit as well as someone who had better posture or bigger breasts? Last week Ashlee Simpson (who's really pretty I think) lost by a 2-to-1 margin to Heidi from The Hills (who's an airhead and a skeleton). Like Ashlee needed to feel worse about herself.

It's bad enough to be caught wearing the same clothes as a bimbo with no work ethic, they didn't need to rub it in.

But what really made me mad was The Rock's wife losing 86 percent to 14 percent to Charlize Theron. She's not even a celebrity!!!! Yeah like that was ever going to be close. If Bill were famous and Charlize trounced me by a landslide in Us Weekly, I'd never attend another red carpet event and probably wouldn't leave the house anymore. Although I guess I'd be kind of psyched that I was in the magazine. I don't know.

Either way, I think Us Weekly owes Mrs. The Rock an apology.