Ashlee Simpson Responds to Curse of Texas Priest

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You'd think Ashlee Simpson has enough to worry about these days, with her premiere on stage in Chicago coming up, along with a crazy father to pose for pictures in front of.

Sometimes, though, you've gotta respond to curses places on you by a Texas priest. It's just the life of a bad, extraordinarily thin singer.

Ash Simps

Indeed, Reverend Harrington recently slammed both Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, saying the girls "breasts will sag and their faces will wither and they will be left with nothing but a hollow shell," adding they've become obsessed with money and don't represent Christian standards.

Notice the reverned didn't mention Ashlee's singing voice. He knows there's no way to make it worse than it already is.

"I just think that story is a bit crazy," the younger Simpson sister said. "You should watch what you say about other people's kids, especially if you're planning on having any of your own."

But enough about priest-related hexes, Ash. What about rumors of plastic surgery for you and/or Jessica?

"I would rather keep this about 'Chicago,'" was Ashlee's only response.

Hey, we can't always get what we want. The Gossip would love for this Halle Berry picture to come to life, but what can you do?

In the end, Ashlee shot down rumors of competition between the singing siblings - "I don't have that because we're sisters, we gotta be there for each other" - and added that the whole family will be in town for her premiere next Monday.


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