Lawsuit Settled, Jennifer Aniston's Breasts Remain Private

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This is bad news, fellas, we know.

Despite not being her fiance (yet), it looks as though Vince Vaughn will remain the only person allowed to see the bare chest of Jennifer Aniston. This sad fact comes on the heels of a settlement between the actress and a paparazzo she had sued for snapping topless photos of her sunbathing last year.

Jennifer Aniston Topless

"It's a confidential settlement," Aniston attorney John Lavely said Friday. "The matter was amicably resolved."

In other words: Jen got to see photographer Peter Brandt's man parts. While Lavely refused to go into the specifics, Brandt released a statement saying the Friends star agreed to drop her lawsuit against him in return for his promise that he would never publish the images.

Aniston sued Brandt last December after he mailed out copies of the revealing photos to several celebrity magazine editors, along with shots of the actress canoodling with Vaughn.
In her legal documents, Jennifer claimed to have suffered "shame, mortification, hurt feelings, emotional distress, anger, embarrassment, humiliation, feeling of being violated and injury to her privacy and peace of mind," as a result of the photos.

Lindsay Lohan, conversely, asked for Brandt's number.

In his own defense, the photographer has no life. He also claimed he was only trying to cash in on photos of Aniston and her friend, as opposed to Aniston's, you know, "friends."

We're not sure if that's true or not - but we are positive that you can take a look at a free (fully clothed) Jennifer Aniston picture right here and now.


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