It's Official: We Love Rachel Bilson!

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The Hollywood Gossip has to come out and say it: We love Rachel Bilson. That was tough to get off our chest. It's tough, proclaiming our unabashed affection for any celebrity. But sometimes even we have to go down that road.

Rachel is probably the cutest thing in Hollywood right now... at least if you aren't counting celebrity babies. Below, she is seen going to the nightclub Social in Hollywood, Calif.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Bilson is starring in the upcoming film The Last Kiss alongside Zach Braff, and has reportedly landed the big-screen role of Wonder Woman as well. As for her breakout role on The OC? We won't begrudge her the fact that the show completely sucks. Not your fault, babe!


Rachel Bilson Biography

Rachel Bilson Short Hair
Rachel Bilson is an actress who used to star on The OC. That show sucked big time in its last 2-3 years but she stole every scene. Now,... More »
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