Report: Rachel Bilson is the New Wonder Woman

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Seth Cohen, your ultimate fantasy is about to come true.

On an episode of The OC (back when it was actually entertaining), Summer tried to woo the comic book-loving geek by dressing up as Wonder Woman.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

Now, the actress that portrays that lovable character looks to actually have landed the role. Rachel Bilson is reportedly set to play Wonder Woman in a new film based on the super hero .

We're not sure if Bilson's real-life boyfriend - along with the actor that plays that role on the show, Adam Brody - is a fan of the softer version of Superman, but we do know a slew of actressses were vying for the role.

Bilson apparently beat such stars as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Diaz and Kate Beckinsale, who turned down the part saying she "did not want to embarrass her daughter" by wearing the revealing outfit.

Guess her kids never watched any of Underworld.


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