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It’s too easy, but has to be said: Paris Hilton enjoys being in handcuffs, but not under these circumstances.

After being arrested for drunk driving, Hilton almost immediately called On Air with Ryan Seacrest to explain the complete and utter misunderstanding.

Carter Reum, Wife
Photo via Getty Images

See, Paris may have been going little fast in her Mercedes McLaren SLR. And her blood-alcohol level may have been illegal. But the girl was hungry for the first time in her life, okay?!?

She told Ryan she had an long day on Wednesday filming the video for her new single “Nothing in This World.” From there, she went to dinner with sister Nicky – but didn’t eat anything, apparently. Then it was off to charity event hosted by Dave Navarro and just one tiny margarita.

When Hilton left to drive the few blocks home, she was “starving” and yearned for an In-N-Out Burger.

So give the blonde a break, alright? She hadn’t eaten in over 17 years … and can’t resist hurrying up for anything that involves going in and out. It’s the one thing her and Lindsay Lohan can agree on.